Find Your Shine – A Musical Concept 

We believe music to be the strongest of tools, it can lift you up, make you shine or kick you down. It’s the inevitable joyride of everyday life that keeps feeding our creative minds. We don’t want to take the blue pill nor the red (The Matrix), we just believe in the power of music. It’s all about the music! Find Your Shine is our way to rock while making an effort. Our music is best described as pretty unboxable! It is mostly rock & funk-based, but with a twist of groove, jazz, metal, reggae and then some... We just like to be as eclectic as possible. After many happy rehearsals and writing lots of new songs, the band decided it was time to record a selection of four tracks. So, here it is. We proudly present our new EP Find Your Shine and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it. Play it loud, continuously and let go!

The first album track River Clear is all about hope and fighting your demons, managing your struggles and epiphanies. About setting yourself free. Eventually, you start to see all things crystal clear. “Why so negative, be Smooth like me”. The escalating controversy between the positive and the negative minded, fed by fear of a thousand opinions and an overload of digital input of today’s, tomorrows and yesterday’s misery. Addictive food for even the strong minded. But they will always try to be relative and offer a different point of view. Sadly, the glass is always half full. They just fail to see that they’re missing out on all that heavenly glory that is, living in the moment. This track is about trying... Our third track Mend This World does make a statement. True! You know, we all love this little marvelous blue marble we live on and sometimes we forget how extremely unique planet earth really is and how tiny we all are in the great scheme of things. Enjoy life, but treat our planet ever so gentle. It truly can’t go on like this… If we don’t act soon, nature eventually will! We end our journey with all that remains; lots of crazy, frustrations, confusion and aggression. Our final track Split Second does it all, but mainly this is our no-brainer for your enjoyment and frankly ours…  Play it loud, continuously and enjoy!

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