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Gluren bij de Buren 2023 (Official Video)

Peaking at the neighbors on this great Sunday! Today (Sunday, February 5) we (Electric Driver 🤘) preformed three semi-acoustic sets in light of the ‘Gluren bij de Buren’ events throughout the Netherlands. Something completely different than our regular heavy sound, but so very fun to do. Well, it’s been a long day preforming sessions and moving a lot of stuff, but we had a truly fantastic time and enjoyed every single minute of it. We hope you did to and hope we didn’t end to loud for your taste. 😅 😉 We love to see you again. Thanks so much for dropping by.., literally. Very special thanks to our lovely hosts and their fantastic place Kelder Cafe…

Electric Driver Live @ Zaal 100 (Official Video)
We invite you to a Sunday afternoon of energetic, eclectic rock and then some...

As a Dutch saying goes ‘de kop is eraf’, meaning it started… 😅Electric Driver preforming their latest EP 'Find Your Shine' live and some brand-new songs.  So, the very first live gig in this setting is a wrap and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. You guys were amazing and we had a great time. Thanks so much… Zaal 100. 👍

Smooth – An Electric Driver Story (Official Video)

The escalating controversy between the positive and the negative minded, fed by fear of a thousand opinions and an overload of digital input of today’s, tomorrows and yesterday’s misery. Don’t miss out out on all that heavenly glory that is, living in the moment.

Special thanks to all the creative artists at www.pexels.com for their amazing video’s. Video credits: Alex Green, Mart Productions, Rodnae Productions, Ron Lach, Alan W-83, Amai Kainthola, Martin Sanchez, Pavel Daniyuk, Ketut Subiyanto, Karolina Grabowska, Merlin Lightpainting, Uzunov Rostislav, Yan Krukov, Ricardo Esquivel and more...

River Clear (Official Video)
Out now! Find Your Shine by Electric Driver!
Yes, after almost a year of hard work, we're proud to announce that our brand- new studio album "Find Your Shine' is out and available for you to enjoy on most music streaming services. Here is the video and first single 'River Clear'.

The Storm (instrumental)
Eddie Woods really liked the song and found one of his many poems to be appropriate for this track. We would like to express how much we appriciate Eddie Woods for his cooperation with Electric Driver and using his poem in support of The Storm lyric video.  
For more poems by Eddie visit http://eddiewoods.nl

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