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A Band’s Tale

The band Electric Driver was originally founded early 2019. Jeroen and Danilo (both Amsterdam locals) met on a musician founder website and hooked up. Well, addition is needed to start a real band, but drummer David soon completed the trio and they were ready to rock and recorded The Electric Driver Studio EP in June 2020. But then suddenly (like many things in 2021) it was all about to end! Jeroen had to leave the band! Could this be the end? Ya think!? Well, the foundation was still there, so the search for new musicians began. It didn’t take long before new lead singer Menno joined the band. All they need now is a bass player. Well, David knew a guy he used to play with back in the days. Well, it's worth a shot... Claudio left his current band and became the new bass player, and thus a power trio became a quartet and were ready to rock again. New musicians mean new influences, a fresh new sound and a brand-new beginning! 

All band members are long-time preforming musicians, so everybody has their own unique musical journey. Danilo started playing guitar like forever ago and has played in many bands and even managed to impress Wild Romance's Dany Lademacher. David and Claudio are long-time acquaintances, and both played years together in the Jazz-Fusion band BarabaNL. Both played in lots of other bands and David sometimes several at once. Menno was long-time lead singer of the band Decker. So, at the end of the day, they’re all very creatively skilled musicians that found each other at the exact right time. Like pieces of a puzzle… 

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