Band History

Becoming A Band

Electric Driver was originally founded in 2019. Jeroen and Danilo (both living in the city of Amsterdam) met on a musician founder website and eventually started jamming, but they actually recorded their first songs on a personal computer. Addition is needed and the search for a good drummer began. There were several auditions, but none of them felt right, until they met with David. The vibe and feel was great and they finally were a band. Jeroen on lead vocals and bass guitar. Danilo on lead guitar and David on drums. Now the band was ready to rock..! They recorded their first Electric Driver EP in June 2020 and you can still find it on most streaming services. “Our music is rock-funk riff based and we want to be as diverse as possible. Four different songs with all an unique style.”  But then suddenly in 2021, it was all about to end...

The band played in this setting for almost two years, before lead singer and bass player Jeroen moved out of Amsterdam and travel distance became an issue. Could this be the end of Electric Driver? Well no, they're not going to let that happen. There is so much potential... So, the search for replacements began and not long before a new singer was found. After some try-outs Menno quickly became the new lead singer. All they need now is a good bass player. David knew a guy he used to play with in another band back in the days. Well, it's worth a shot... After some mild persuasion, Claudio now officially joined the band as the new bass player and a power trio became a quartet and are ready to rock again. Still, new musicians means new influences, a new sound, new tracks and a new beginning... Let the rehearsals begin! 

Legacy of Electric Driver

A collection of links to videos, recordings and other stuff of previous formations of Electric Driver.

N1M website
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